We took the popularity of the painting party programs and added a unique NEW way to create art and jewlery.
Everyone wears jewelry and most of us at some point wanted to make our own.
Not stringing beads or gluing plastic pieces together but REAL cast sterling silver jewelry of your own creation.
Perfect for adults men and women and seniors as a great way to be creative and KIDS LOVE IT!


We now offer an amazing program for those who want to make jewlery and also make it a business. Heres how.
Making your own jewlery while earning money is as easy as 1 -2 -3
Call or email us and request your FREE jewelry casting party kit.
It will included the clay, ID cards, sculpting tools, guide sheets and instructions.
Call your freinds, family, neighbors and tell them you are hosting a jewlery party where they design, sculpt and have thier own art created and cast into STERLING SILVER! - The costs is about the same as the painting class $40
The difference is there is NO mess, NO paint to clean up, no supplies to buy like canvases and paing and brushes
AND the best part is its GREAT for any age. Men and women, young and old and KIDS love making thier own jewlery.
Soon after you tell them the clay will become STERLING SILVER they all start sculpting with little to NO
instructions. While they are sculpting and searching phones for ideas you can prepare some snacks.
When everyone is finished with their sculpted creation - You the host will take all of them and put them in the toaster oven to heat so the clay hardens - Then let them all fill out the name cards and have some snacks while wating for the clay to harden and cool.
After the clay is hardend and cool (in about 20 minutes) and everyone has had a snack. They fill ou the ID name cards with thier name, and title of the piece they created. each card and hard clay piece is put into separate bags and sent back to our casting studio to be molded then made into wax and cast in STERLING SILVER!
In our studio we make rubber molds of the clay sculptures,
DONT worry well add the round LOOP for the necklace that is included
Then we make wax from the rubber molds and then cast the exact clay creation in STERLING SILVER!
After casting each piece is cleaned and polished and put back in the bags with each name card.
A week later we ship all the finished polished STERLING SILVER castings to you. Everyone can then pick them up
from your house. ONCE they see the dull clay NOW IN STERLING SILVER, they will want to sign up for the Sterling silver RING host party and likly bring OTHERS to attend.

Be unique and individualize yourself by making your OWN sterling silver castings. Dont just copy others!

What was once your creative clay sculpture is now forever a shiny sterling silver piece of art you can wear and show everyone you are now a jewelry expert.
IN ADDTION! we will list  YOUR piece on our website with the title name you gave your art creation and have it avaliable for sale on our wbsite. Anyone who buys one, We will send you a royalty check.
One of our young artists has since sold 6 of her Emoji POOP pedants. At age 6 she is now a
I bet not many 6 years olds can say that!