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In addition to the hallmark stampings .925, STERLING and USA, GNGR is adding the American Flag hallmark. 100% made in the USA using only, domestic, and high quality .925 and .999 pure silver. With so much fake silver coming from overseas (click here to read the data) GNGR is assuring buyers that our castings are the highest grade possible and priced well below many competitors. If there is silver jewelry being sold for less, you can be sure it's probably fake.

NEW launch! The Major Tom spaceman. Sterling silver limited edition of 100,000 (retail price $79.99) a ring is also available. Check out our PRODUCT$ page and see whats new and different. Sales continue worldwide, looks like NO letting up with more and more casting titles being added to our line. The SPACEMEN will be marketed to NASA fans, Space film fans, and sold on websites like and



The public company that makes money selling PRODUCTS.
Gunther Grant, Inc. has built a popular and unique brand that is selling worldwide. Expanding on our current business model, we anticipate increasing our reach further by adding additional products to fill the demand. By adding up to 2500 new titles of castings over time, we should be able to attract the world demand for unique limited edition, stock, and custom items. We are simply expanding on our current successful line to grow the company. Some of the many catagories we are taking steps to enter into are:
- Sports team licensing
- World Wild Life fundrasing to all species
- Custom creations
- Political collectible merchandise
- All holiday gift items
- Pet ID tags and bling for your pet
- Corporate logo's for awards and corporate identity needs.
- Cosmic space and planet items
- Movie and characture products licensing
All can be seen on our PRODUCT$ tab page

Most of our best selling items are our own design themed and copyrighted creations. Some of our current copyrighted castings being sold successfully worldwide are in private collections, a museum in France, Art Galleries and one off commissions (see PRODUCT$ tab HIGH end item section) Each piece is hand cast and no two are ever alike. Each casting is hand signed, numbered and stamped USA. Some of our other multiple sellers are:

Creative art pieces - Political Collectibles - World Wildlife Foundation Castings - Rock & Roll Merchandise - Space and Planets - Skulls and Gothic - Corporate, logo and award jewelry - Foundation and school fund raising - Sports team logos - And much More.
Gunther Grant, Inc. generates revenue from one or more of the following:
- Annual licensing fees
- Monthly temporary licensing fees
- Royalties from sales
- Mold creation services to supply manufacturers
- Contract production work.
- Company retail marketed products.

Gunther Grant, Inc. also creates commissioned and specialty items from clients personal requests. Themed consistent selling items worldwide combined with the custom commissioned services, GNGR continues to expand our company and revenue.
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Gunther Grant, Inc. Is proud to say that in the years of being a public company, GNGR has managed to emerge as a company with an ever expanding line of products shipping worldwide and maintained a positive public company structure that is rarely seen by any public company. GNGR is also generating sales and products with little overhead and operating costs. This further enhances our company structure, combined with unique item's unavailable else wear and all orders being pre paid by the consumer, GNGR has managed to continue to expand without the need for funding or financing.
Steps are now being taken to bring all of our positives together to expand our public company and to create awareness that will affect shareholder value. With no negatives to post and no false or assumed projections other than expanding on what is working, GNGR can accurately post that almost all risk has been eliminated.
GNGR is proud to say that it is one of  the lowest risk public companies with proven sales and profits of all OTC publicly traded companies. A proven fact!

Our conservative goal is to generate sales that will equate to $4,000,000 (or more) in net profits. The way to do this is to expand our current successful line from a few titles that sell extremely well to 2500 titles. Volume is key in any business but instead of focusing on one key item, GNGR is expanding to create enough of more title of castings to obtain less sales of each to accomplish the same sales as just one item. This reduces any risk of that one key item from failing and causing the company to suffer and also allows continued changes to one or many products to continue sales respectively.


If one title does not sell well we scrap it and replace it with 5 more, this assures one (or more) of the 5 will continue to replace the sales of a product that did not achieve the sales goal. So far we have not failed with any product we make. Expansion and growth is inevitable. Our sales goal is far from unreasonable. Based on jewelry sales of $312,000,000,000 ($312 billion) last year, our goals are very conservative.

Our current facility with the existing equipment is capable of producing enough products to achieve sales of $2,000,000+ (net) annually. Additional equipment is not needed at this time.
Once we achieve a portion of our goal, we will focus on investor awareness and to enhance shareholder value. Our first order of business is to expand the company, increase sales, add new items to our line and then focus on the corporate and stock awareness with facts and proof. NOT intent or possibly, if's or maybe's.
Thank You
Grant Newsteder CEO

Once again, GNGR defines the jewelry industy with specific items to specific markets. These T BONE steak pendants and rings are now available. Marketing to chefs, cooks, BBQ fans or just meat lovers. Strange YES! but they sell.
Make no miSTEAK about it, these MEAT our strict quality standards!
That is what GNGR is about. Making and selling. The more titles we make the more products we sell.

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