In keeping with Donald Trump's made in the USA agenda. Gunther Grant Castings is proud to introduce the new line of TRUMP tie tacks, lapel pins, hat pins and other political items. Collectors of political memorabilia  number in the millions and each will want examples of these items for their collection regardless of their political party choices. This assures the collectability and increase in value.
Cast in New York USA using USA sourced sterling silver and gold, these are all 100% USA made by me personally. Each piece will be numbered, hand signed and cataloged and will include a matching certificate assuring these will be desirable by collectors in the months and years to come. Buy one to wear and one to collect and save.
Each casting is made per order requiring 7-10 days production. Shipping is FREE.

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Hand sculpted - wax molds - casting in silver and gold all made and cast in the USA